Our Foundation
Working with our clients to achieve digital transformation and deliver solutions that create beneficial results has been our company's goal for more than 25 years.
Our Commitment
The challenge today for a business is to differentiate itself from competitors while using technology to improve productivity. Leveraging existing components to reach new markets through digital transformation is the key to success. STS understands this challenge and delivers!
Our Experience
Drawing on the extensive experience of our consultants, STS helps businesses faced with problems resolve their issues into components, create certainty as to the outcome, design and develop quality solutions, and deploy products to the marketplace. STS believes computer systems and software are tools created to translate strategic business initiatives into solutions that achieve productivity and profitability. Today's competitive environment makes delivering solutions on time and within budget more critical than ever before.
Industry Knowledge
Cable & Telecom
Digital Media
Digital Advertising
Real Estate
Oil, Gas & Energy
IT Consulting
Digital Transformation
Strategic Planning
Vendor Mangement
Budgeting and Forecasting
Risk Management
Best Practices and Benchmarking
Resource Planning
Business Intelligence
Big Data & DSS
Mobile Applications
Cloud Computing
Responsive Web Design
SalesForce, ServiceNow Migrations
Database Architecture